Yonex VCORE Tour G (97) (330g) Tennis Racquets

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Yonex VCORE Tour G (97) (330g) Tennis Racquets:

The Yonex VCORE Tour G (97) (330g) Tennis Racquets offer another excellent player-oriented spec in the heritage of the Yonex VCORE Tour, RDiS 100 and RDS001. This frame is ideal for players looking to play more of a powerful offensive styled game mixed in with great spin potential. Micro Core material for improved feel incorporated into the 20mm wide beam at the tip. Deeper grooves in the 3D Vector Shaft improve racquet stiffness and reduces twisting of the frame, increasing face stability by 20%. Neo CS carbon nanotube embedded in the shaft for greater flexibility to hold the ball on the strings longer to allow you to generate even greater levels of spin for an aggressive bounce and precise control. X Fullerene adds additional stiffness and repulsion power for the quickest response and best face stability ever achieved in a Yonex racquet.

  • Item #: VCTGYX-330


  • 3-D VECTOR SHAFT: The deeper grooves in the 3D Vector Shaft improves racquet stiffness and reduces twisting of the frame for 20% more face stability than a conventional racquet. It also delivers precise control at impact and greater bite for the most efficient transfer of power.
  • ISOMETRIC: The Isometric Square Head Shape reduces the inert space found in a conventional round frame. As a result, the racquet is easier to swing through and has superior maneuverability with a 10% bigger sweetspot than an ordinary round head racquet. The sweetspot is the area of a racquet where the longest main and longest cross strings meet in the stringbed. In an ordinary round frame racquet, the sweetspot is where the 8 main and 11 cross strings meet. In the Yonex Isometric Square Head racquet, 10 main and 13 cross strings meet in the stringbed to produce a sweetspot that is 10% larger than the effective hitting area of a conventional round head racquet. With more strings of equal length and a larger effective hitting area in the stringbed, the Isometric Square Head Shape provides consistently accurate shots, giving more power, control and more effective off-center hits.
  • X-FULLERENE: Positioned at the top of the frame, X-Fullerene bonds the carbon fibers in a revolutionary cross-linking pattern. Increased bonding strength within the material prevents the face twisting from a hard impact. X-Fullerene also makes it possible to create a thinner frame to reduce air resistance but retain quick maneuverability.
  • IPS: Integrated Power Weight System positions extra weight at the sides of the frame to give the face a greater moment of inertia.
  • OVAL PRESSED SHAFT: OPS technology builds into the throat, the right amount of flex for an extended dwell time for easier spin and directional control.
  • SUPER CUSHION GRIP: Super Cushion Grip minimizes vibration. The grip’s cushioning performance helps protect the wrist, forearm and elbow against shock induced injuries.

Note: This racquet comes with protective sleeve, not a traditional racquet cover. You may substitute a racquet cover for the protective sleeve for $9.95 at checkout if you would like?

Weight3.00 lbs
Dimensions30 × 14 × 3 in
Grip Size

4 1/2, 4 1/8, 4 3/8, 4 1/4, 4 5/8


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Racquet Specifications
Spec Type: Midsize Specs
Head Size: 97 Sq. Inches
Racquet Length: 27 Inches
Strung Weight: 11.6 Ounces
Balance: 32.21cm. / 12.68in. (HL)
Racquet Stiffness: 63
Beam Width: 20mm Straight Beam
Power Level: Low
Swing Speed: Fast
Grip Type: Yonex Synthetic Grip
String Pattern: 16 Mains x 20 Crosses
String Tension: 50-65 Pounds