Yonex BG Aerosonic (.61) Badminton String Set

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Yonex BG Aerosonic (.61) Badminton String Set!  Razor-sharp swing with intense, exhilarating sound – The Aerosonic (BG-AS) string features Yonex “Compact Fitted” construction where the string is densely packed with resin between the core and outer threads. With a 0.61mm gauge, the string provides swift swing along with a resounding and exhilarating sound.

  • Core: High-Intensity Multi-Filament Nylon
  • Outer: Special Braided High Polymer Nylon Fiber
  • Gauge: 0.61mm / 22 Gauge
  • Length: 10 Meter / 33 Feet
  • Color: Metallic White
  • Item #: BGAS-011
Weight0.10 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in


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