Tecnifibre DuraMix (17-1.25mm) String Set


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    Tecnifibre DuraMix (17-1.25mm) String Set is the latest technology breakthrough in the area of comfortable polyester strings. Combining 50% polyester fibers and 50% polyamide fibers (found in Tecnifibre’s softer multifilaments strings), this string provides a suprising combination of soft and crisp feel. Duramix HD 16 takes advantage of a new resin material, known as PU HD, which binds the fibers together but limits the elasticity for a firmer feel and excellent control. The classic Tecnifibre coating SPL, Silicium Pyrogene Lubritec, provides an anti-abrasion surface for increased durability due to lessening string to string burning. The replacement to Tecnifibre Promix, this one will provide a slightly stiffer feel due to the higher percentage of polyester fibers as well as the PU HD resin. Spin potential is decent, and the string responds well to a slight decrease in tension. A good choice both for a baseliner seeking a bit more comfort than a standard polyester, as well as an all court player seeking more durability while retaining some feel.

    Duramix HD offers the best combination of durability and comfort. Designed with PU HD for limited elasticity for firm feel and great control and features a polyester and polyamide multifilament blend for surprising soft and crisp feeling. Also with SPL, an anti abrasion coasting increased durability.


    • Gauge: 17/1.25mm
    • Length: 40 feet (12.2 meters)
    • Colors: Natural
    • Composition: Polyester / Polyamide Multifilament
    • Item #: 02GDUR125N
    Weight 0.10 lbs
    Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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