Sports Tutor Tennis Twist (28 Balls)




Sports Tutor Tennis Twist (28 Balls):

Tennis Twist® was designed especially for beginning tennis players. Its compact size and easy operation make it an ideal first ball machine for kids just starting tennis. If a child can swing a racquet, he or she can play with Tennis Twist.

Tennis Twist is simple to use. Just turn it on and it shoots a ball every five seconds. The arc of the ball can be adjusted anywhere from 12 to 20 feet in length. The unique spiral design holds up to 28 balls.

Tennis Twist is available in AC and battery-powered models. The Battery model will operate up to ten hours on six ‘D’ size batteries (not included). Tennis Twist’s adjustable range makes it practical for use in driveways, backyards, and even basements. And since it weighs just 11 lbs, it’s easily transported to the local tennis courts or park.

The high-impact plastic case comes with a convenient built-in carrying handle. But don’t ask a kid about the convenience of Tennis Twist, they’ll just tell you how much fun it is.

Tennis Twist can also be used to toss batting practice for beginning baseball players (using tennis balls). Tennis balls are safer for kids, and won’t break windows like baseballs.

Beginning tennis players of any age will benefit from Tennis Twist. Tennis Twist won’t mind if you’re a little wild while experimenting with your strokes. And dogs that like playing fetch will like Tennis Twist too.

Tennis Twist is backed by a two year warranty covering both parts and labor. Extended warranties available.


  • Ball Capacity: 28 Balls
  • Ball Ejection Speed: 12-20 ft
  • Ball Feed Rate: 5 seconds
  • Playing Time (Battery Model): 5-10 hours, typical
  • Weight (w/ Battery): 11 pounds
  • Item #: TennisTwist

Note: Please select either Battery or AC model at checkout!

Note: This item can not be shipped internationally!

Weight12.00 lbs
Power Source

120V – AC, Battery Operated – DC


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