Solinco Tour 7 Tennis Racquets

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Solinco Tour 7 Tennis Racquets:

The Solinco Tour Series Racquet line utilize an innovative and high-performance material, Annoveylix Nickel-Mesh, which is at the core of these performance rackets.

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  • NICKEL-MESH: The SOLINCO PRO Series utilize an innovative and high-performance material called Nickel-Mesh which is at the core of our new line of performance racquets.
    SOLINCO is the first tennis equipment company worldwide to utilize this high-performance Nickel-Mesh material for superior racquet strength, stability, feel, control and power.Nickel Mesh is individually nickel anodized high performance carbon fibers carefully woven together into a solid and powerful mesh.  By strategically designing the SOLINCO PRO Series with Nickel-Mesh extending over 32cms of the frame, it is able to enhance the strength, as well as the stability at impact of the racquet by neutralizing the torque and side-to-side twisting of the frame, allowing for a unique solid and crisp feel, with improved control and power .

Note: This racquet does not come with a racquet cover but you can purchase one at checkout if you choose!


Weight3 lbs
Dimensions30 × 14 × 3 in
Grip Size

4 1/4, 4 3/8

Racquet Specifications
Spec Type: MidPlus Specs
Head Size: 98 Sq. Inches
Racquet Length: 27 Inches
Strung Weight: 10.7 Ounces (Strung)
Power Level: Low-Medium
Swing Speed: Medium-Fast
Grip Type: Solinco Synthetic
String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
String Tension: 50-60 pounds