Prokennex Ki Q+30 (260g) Tennis Racquets



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Prokennex Ki Q+30 (260g) Tennis Racquets:

The Pro Kennex Kinetic Q+30, is packed with plenty of features for a comfortable, easy to hit frame.  Reshaping this racquet from previous Q series, Pro Kennex gives this racquet an improved version of Kinetic Technology. By expanding the four Kinetic Energy Chambers by 25%, this racquet does an even better job reducing vibration, and shock. This serves two main purposes, the first is to expand the sweetspot, with a second benefit of increasing the torsional stability. The 119 Sq. In. head provides more than enough comfort for even the most tender elbow. The Spiral Tech Carbon was a nice addition, adding some flexibility and added vibration dampening to a racquet that is primarily constructed of stiffer, high-modulus graphite. Overall, an excellent frame for players with compact swings looking for one of the most comfortable hits around.


  • KINETIC TECHNOLOGY:  This is the original Kinetic Technology. It feature thousands of micro-bearings housed inside multiple chambers surrounding the entire racquet head. As the racquet swings forward, the micro-bearings move to the back wall of the frame, loading energy. When the racquet strikes the ball, this kinetic mass transfers forward, adding power and reducing frame shock and vibration.
  • IONIC TECHNOLOGY:  This is the second generation of the Kinetic System. It uses an Ionic coating process to alleviate all static electricity to fully optimize the dynamic power of the micro-bearings. The result is MORE power, MORE Stability and MORE comfort.
  • Q TECHNOLOGY QUADFOCUS:  After worldwide play-testing, the overriding distinction of Kinetic Q technology is its ability to generate incredible power and spin, two characteristics that typically work in opposition. To overcome this conflict, Pro Kennex “componentized” the Kinetic Housing into segments, and located them in the four corners of the frame. They call this advancement “Quadfocused.”  By concentrating the entire secondary mass in these four locations, maximum Kinetic Effect is dynamically activated. Q engineering also allows Pro Kennex to tune the system to better leverage swing physics, delivering unprecedented frame performance; hence spin and power can now live in the same frame. Of course, you can continue to count on the acclaimed and unrivaled attributes of the patented Kinetic System, which begins at the outer boundaries of current racquet technology: 15% increase in power zone, 50% improvement of torsional stability on off center shots, 43% reduction of vibration, and the only technology proven to eliminate shock.
  • With the introduction of the Q+ Series in 2017: ProKennex improves Quadfocus Technology by expanding the Kinetic Energy Chambers by 25%! The result is even more vibration dampening along with greater torsional stability and shock reduction (according to ProKennex). Also with the Q+ Series ProKennex updated the frame chassis with a QShape to expand the sweetspot, representing a high performance output over a larger surface area.
  • SpiralTech Carbon: A combination of stiff high modulus graphite (for power) and softer Spiral Tech graphite (for dampening). ProKennex claims this offers better playability than conventional graphite frames.
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 14 x 3 in
Grip Size

4-1/8, 4-1/4, 4-3/8, 4-1/2, 4-5/8


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Racquet Specifications
Spec Type: Oversize Specs
Head Size: 119 sq. in. / 767.74 sq. cm.
Racquet Length: 27.5in / 69.85cm
Strung Weight: 9.7oz / 274.99g
Balance: 14in / 35.56cm / 2 pts (HH)
Racquet Stiffness: 71
Beam Width: 28mm Straight Beam
Power Level: High
Swing Speed: Slow
Grip Type: Prokennex Synthetic
String Pattern: 16 Main / 19 Crosses
String Tension: 50-65 lbs.