Laserfibre Supreme 2.0 (16-1.30mm) String Reel


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Laserfibre Supreme 2.0 (16-1.30mm) String Reel:

Laserfibre Supreme 2.0 (16-1.30mm) String Reel is a true multifilament with over 1200+ fibers bound together by PU for enhanced comfort and feel. Using 20% Performance Enhancing Microfibers, this adds enhanced durability, playability and a tension maintenance that rivals that of natural gut.

Built with 1200+ shock-absorbing microfibers, Laserfibre Supreme 2.0 is ideal for the player who wants arm-friendly comfort coupled with impressive power. Thanks to specially developed PEM Microfibers, this advanced multifilament delivers a wonderfully crisp and connected feel, giving it impressive control while also providing above average tension maintenance and playability duration. Laserfibre also uses PU Bonding, which is a time-tested method for enhancing the comfort and feel of multifilament strings. Finally, this string’s low-friction polymer coating minimizes the common frictional wear that leads to premature breakage. With Supreme 2.0 Laserfibre has created an extremely versatile multifilament that compares very favorably to the best multis on the market.


  • Gauge: 16 (1.30mm)
  • Length: 660ft/200m
  • Color: Natural
  • Composition: Multifilament (1200+ Microfibers impregnated with polyurethane and a low-friction polymer coating)
  • Item #: LFSR212-6N
Weight0.75 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in


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