Gamma Synthetic Gut with WearGuard (660) String Reel



Gamma Synthetic Gut with WearGuard (660) String Reel:

An all-around performance string that offers a balance of playability and extra durability for all playing levels and playing styles.

  • Dynalon center core and WearGuard wear resistant fibers.

Gamma Irradiation Processing: GAMMA’s Patented irradiation process. Irradiated synthetic fibers provide greater dynamic resiliency and elasticity than typical synthetics for greater power, increased control and livelier, longer play.


  • Colors: White, Gold
  • Length: 660 feet
  • Gauge: (15L / 1.38mm), (16 / 1.30mm), (17 / 1.22mm)

Weight2.00 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in
String Size, Gauge & Color

660' Reel-15L-White, 660' Reel-16-White, 660' Reel-17-Gold, 660' Reel-17-White, 660' Reel-16-Gold, 660' Reel-15L-Gold, 660' Reel-17-Black


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