Gamma String Things Vibration Dampener




Gamma String Things dampeners reduce racquet and string vibration caused by ball impact. Choose from several fun styles to liven up your racquet!  Add a little fun to your racquet with String Things character dampeners. Ideal rewards for kids’ lessons, clinics and QuickStart Tennis play.

String Things are not just fun, they are vibration dampeners that actually protect young arms from harmful shock and vibration.


  • These make great gifts for tennis pals and enthusiasts.
  • Easily fits between racquet strings minimizing vibrations and protecting your arm.
  • Enjoy your game with premium vibration dampening and new playful images.
  • Quantity: 2 per pack
  • Available Colors: Blue Fish/Blue Face, Flower/Frog, Panda/Yellow Face, Tennis Ball/Brain, Crab/Flip Flops, Beer/Shrimp, Mask/Dolphin, Milky Way/Spaceman, Saturn/Rocket, Wine/Octopus
  • Item #: AGST
Weight0.10 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in
Vibration Dampener

Panda/Yellow Face, Tennis Ball/Brain, Blue Fish/Blue Face, Flower/Frog, Crab/Flip Flops, Beer/Shrimp, Wine/Octopus, Tiki Mask/Dolphin, Saturn/Rocket, Milky Way/Spaceman


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