Gamma Glide Hybrid w/ Live Wire XP (16/16) Tennis String


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Gamma Glide Hybrid with Live Wire XP is a tennis string package that offers maximum spin with greater power, feel and comfort. From the Gamma Playability Series, this string features Glide™ Low Friction technology that allows the main string to travel further upon ball impact and recover quicker, imparting more energy to the ball. This combination radically reduces sliding friction for higher string performance.


  • Gauge: Live Wire XP 16 = 1.32mm / Glide = 1.30mm
  • Length: Live Wire XP = 22ft / Glide = 20ft
  • Construction: Live Wire XP = Multifilament / Glide = Low Friction material with high Lubricity
  • Color: Live Wire XP = Natural / Glide = Crystal
  • Item #: GLXGH-00
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