Dunlop Srixon Revo CX 2.0 Tennis Racquets

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Dunlop’s new Srixon Revo CX 2.0 racquet is designed for the player who is seeking dynamic shots with a nice combination of control, spin, and a comfortable feel. At 11.3 ounces strung and a compact 98 square inch head, the Revo CX 2.0 offers smooth maneuverability to go with an excellent response.

The Revo CX 2.0 has Sonic Core technology, which maximizes energy transfer while dampening vibration — giving players the ideal balance of comfort and playability. Another technology piece to the CX 2.0 includes Dunlop’s implementation of their Synchro Charge System within the frame. The flexible graphite improves the overall response of the racquet upon impact.

The CX 2.0 is designed with peak shifter technology; therefore the frame features varying shapes in different areas of the racquet. In some places, the CX 2.0 is more aerodynamic, and in others, it’s more rectangular. The overall effect of Peak Shifter Technology is to give the player the ability to hit deeper shots with more trajectory over the net.

With a 98 sq. inch head size, an open 16×19 string pattern with a firm 11.3 ounce strung weight, Dunlop’s CX 2.0 is a user-friendly modern racquet perfect for the player seeking optimal control with a comfortable response.

  • Item#: 1025789CX


  • Peak Shifter Frame: This technology utilizes three different beam shapes to optimize performance
  • HR Grommet: A pliable material called HYBRAR is used in the grommet system to reduce impact vibration.
  • Sonic Core Tecnology: Sonic Core Technology utilizes urethane and silicone in the head of the frame to increase dwell time and energy return for power and spin.  The Revo CZ 100S and Revo CZ 98D have Sonic Core VG technology, which introduces a dampening rubber for part of the Sonic Core material.
  • Straight String System: This technology optimizes the angle of the grommet hole so as to reduce string on racquet friction. The result is a reduction of impact vibration and more effective energy transfer to the ball.
  • Synchro Charge System: A uniquely elastic graphite which improves the stability, feel and response on off-center impact.


Weight3 lbs
Dimensions30 × 14 × 3 in
Grip Size

4-1/4, 4-3/8, 4-1/2

Racquet Specifications
Spec Type: MidPlus Specs
Head Size: 98 sq. in. / 632.26 sq. cm.
Racquet Length: 27in / 68.58cm
Strung Weight: 11.3oz / 320.35g
Balance: 12.75in / 32.39cm / 6 pts (HL)
Racquet Stiffness: 69
Beam Width: 21mm / 21mm / 21mm Straight Beam
Power Level: Low-Medium
Swing Speed: Medium-Fast
Grip Type: Dunlop Synthetic
String Pattern: 16 Mains x 19 Crosses
String Tension: 45-60 Pounds